Moore v Health Care Authority and State of Washington

Settlement Approved by the Court.

The Moore case is settled. On June 24, 2016 the Court approved the settlement and entered findings of fact, conclusions of law and an order approving the Settlement Agreement.

The next step is for the claims administrator to distribute claim forms to qualified class members, and for the class members to return these forms in order to receive their pro rata share of the settlement proceeds. The estimated timeframe for completion of this process is four months.

Details regarding the settlement are found in these documents:

The Notice of Class Action Settlement summarizes the proposed Settlement. The Settlement Agreement has further details. The Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law & Order Approving Settlement provide the history of the case and the legal conclusions decided by the Court.

PLEASE DO NOT TELEPHONE THE COURT OR ATTORNEYS. If there is a question about the settlement that the claims administrator cannot answer, please email your question to Please read the entire notice of settlement and the FAQ section before calling the claims administrator or emailing a question.


Because this class action includes more than 10,000 individuals and covers the time back to 2003, class counsel are still trying to locate all class members who are eligible for a share of the settlement. These efforts have taken longer than initially anticipated, but are almost complete. In February 2017, a final claim form is being sent to those class members who have not yet filed a claim form to ensure all eligible class members have an opportunity to claim their pro rata share of the settlement. We expect that individual checks will be sent to class members sometime this Spring 2017. Thank you for your patience.

1. Where can class members find copies of the notice of class action settlement hearing and the settlement agreement?

A copy of the settlement agreement may be found here. A copy of the notice may be found here. Membership in the class and receipt of the notice does not necessarily make an individual eligible for monetary relief under the settlement. See FAQ No. 4 below ("Which class members are eligible to receive money from the lawsuit?").

2. What do class members need to do to participate in this lawsuit?

The settlement received final approval in June 2016. Class members claim forms are in the process of being mailed to eligible class members. Eligible class members must complete the claim form. The claim form should be returned by the date stated on the form. The claim form will include a postage-paid envelope addressed to Rust Consulting, the claims administrator. After the claims forms have been submitted, Rust Consulting will calculate the pro rata share due to each class member and distribute the settlement funds.

3. How much money will class members receive from the lawsuit?

The amount of money each eligible class member will receive from the lawsuit cannot be precisely stated because it will ultimately be based on a pro rata share of the settlement fund after eligible class members submit claim forms. The precise amount of money each class member will receive thus ultimately depends on the number of claim forms submitted by class members out of the total number of claim forms issued. We do know at this time, however, that every eligible class member will receive more than $1,000 and many class members will receive much more than that amount based on the number of months that they did not receive health insurance for which they were eligible.

4. Which class members are eligible to receive money from the lawsuit?

The criteria for eligibility for monetary payment is set forth in the notice under the heading "Compensation for Damages Due to Omitted Health Benefits." A link to the notice can be found above, under FAQ No. 1. Whether an individual is or is not eligible for a monetary payment is based on the criteria in the notice as applied to each individual's hours and duration of work as set forth in the State of Washington's electronic payroll records.

5. What should I do if I move or need to otherwise update my address?

If you move, please send class counsel your new mailing address so that class counsel will be able to contact you in the event of a settlement, judgment, or if necessary for some other reason. You can email any change in address to Do not use your work email correspondence to communicate with counsel. See FAQ #7 below.

6. Who are my attorneys in this action?

The class is represented by the law firm of Bendich, Stobaugh & Strong, P.C. The law firm has almost 30 years of experience representing public employees in class actions. Additional information about the law firm and its attorneys is found on the firm's website. The law firm has represented the class and pursued this matter on behalf of the class since 2006.

7. Who should a class member contact if the class member continues to have a questions that are not answered by the settlement agreement, notice, and these frequently asked questions?

The administrator for the class action settlement is Rust Consulting. Any additional questions at this time should be directed to Rust Consulting at the following telephone number: 1-877-418-8083. (If there is a question about the settlement agreement that the claims administrator cannot answer, please email your question to Please read the entire notice of settlement and the FAQ section before calling the claims administrator or emailing a question.)